$8 Homemade Air Conditioner - Works Flawlessly!

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    Don't spend hundreds of dollars on a portable A/C for your home, just build one for $8 dollars and 10 minutes of your time! You can pick up a Styrofoam cooler for about $4 at most stores.

    Dryers vents cost about $2 dollars a pop.

    All you need after that is an old fan and some frozen bottles of water!

    Once your box is completed following the instructions in the video, simply add the frozen bottles of water and go to town.

    My home was 78 degrees and after running the box in the living room for a couple hours it dropped into the 60's which is fantastic on a hot day!

    If you load the cooler with frozen bottles, the cooler will last anywhere from 3-6 hours which gives you enough time to have another set of bottles freezing in the interim.

    This is great for single rooms on a hot day and will drop the overall temperature quite a bit.


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  • $8homemadeairconditionerworksflawlessly!